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Stewart Ogilby
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An important fact can be found in a Kiplinger Magazine April 15, 2015 article written by Stephen Goldberg:

Thanks primarily to their rock-bottom costs, index funds have outperformed roughly two thirds of actively managed funds across all kinds of markets — and they'll almost surely continue to do so. What's more, picking the one-third of funds that will beat their indexes is extremely difficult; many argue that it is impossible.

If one remained fully invested, it took around five and a half years just to return to a break-even value following the 2008 "market adjustment". Financial experts refer to this as volatility.

When markets decline it is evidenced in corresponding index funds as in 2008. For persons in and near retirement the results were depressing. For retirees taking income from their portfolios the losses were devastating.

Here is a second important fact:

According to a study done by the Vanguard Group, they found that a given rating offers little information about expected future relative performance; in fact, the analysis reveals that higher-rated funds are no more likely to outperform a given benchmark than lower-rated funds.*

I consider it to be an important responsibility to provide information on ways to reduce portfolio volatility and safeguard retirement incomes. The "Sequence of Returns" is a financially terrifying risk, a gigantic "elephant in the room" when talking about asset preservation. I have attempted to explain it clearly to you on this website.

Safety, the protection of family assets, is primary today for the overwhelming majority of employed and retired Americans.

* Christopher B. Philips, Frandis M. Kinniry Jr. "Mutual Fund Ratings and Future Performance." Vanguard Research. June 2010.

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